Joint hypermobility can be localized, occurring at a single joint, or it can be widespread, occurring throughout the body. Having slightly increased movement within a single joint does not necessarily lead to pain or dysfunction, but may increase the risk of injury to that specific joint. More often, joint hypermobility becomes problematic when it is generalized and widespread.

Here at PhysioElements, we specialize in treating generalized joint hypermobility, specifically Ehlers Danlos Syndromes and Hypermobile Spectrum Disorder. Physical therapy is the conservative treatment of choice for symptom management of patients with diagnosed or suspected connective tissue disorders. Physical therapy can help improve one’s quality of life by reducing fear associated with movement, improving strength and stability throughout the body, and creating pain management strategies that are effective and straightforward. 

Our EDS & Hypermobility Program here at PhysioElements is built in a way to increase accessibility to our EDS/HSD knowledgeable physical therapists through a multitude of tiered services. We have developed a comprehensive regimen that is individualized to you and your specific needs and goals.


Our current services for hypermobility are available both in person and virtually and include:

  • Create a conservative pain management plan unique to each client
  • Educate for future injury prevention
  • Improve functional posture and breathing mechanics
  • Improve core stability and trunk strength
  • Reduce gripping and tension in the hypermobile body
  • Optimize participation in the activities that bring you most joy

We develop a comprehensive program that is individualized to you and take regular re-assessment measurements to keep track of your progress and readjust the program as necessary.

the goals of our program are:

  • Improved aesthetic posture
  • Improved core stability and trunk strength
  • Improved respiratory functions
  • Improved spinal pain symptoms
  • Decreasing the curve progression
  • Optimizing participation in the activities that bring you most joy

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