Join us for a 10 week virtual workshop where you will learn to connect with your body and move more mindfully in order to reduce the risk of injury and bring joy back to movement. You will learn how to strengthen your mind body connection through a Pilates approach to movement, and gain access to our EDS/HSD knowledgeable physical therapists in a small group setting. By the end of this course, you will have the tools to move more freely with less fear by better understanding your body and the nuances that come along with generalized hypermobility.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand hypermobile tendencies in relation to movement and posture 
  • Learn how to stack your spine to reduce pressure on your hypermobile joints
  • Learn how to properly breathe as you move to better support your hypermobile body
  • Strengthen your mind body connection through Pilates inspired movement

Course Goals:

  • Reduce fear with movement by better understanding what works for YOUR body 
  • Gain a sense of community by participating group setting specific to hypermobility
  • Be able to participate our 30 or 55 minute movement classes for hypermobility with confidence

Class Setup: 1 hour class via zoom. Each class will start with a Powerpoint Presentation discussing relevant anatomy and hypermobile tendencies in relation to movement and posture. We will then have ‘Movement Practice” where we break down a few basic movements. Each class will end with “Movement Flow” where you will start to integrate everything you’ve learned with a Pilates inspired flow. By the end of the ten weeks, you will be comfortable participating in a hypermobility group class.

  • Week One: Introduction
  • Week Two: Center Your Pelvis 
  • Week Three: Stack Your Ribcage
  • Week Four: Balance Your Core
  • Week Five: Ground Your Feet
  • Week Six: Support Your Neck
  • Week Seven: Strengthen Your Upper Body
  • Week Eight: Align Your Lower Body
  • Week Nine: Bring It All Together
  • Week Ten: Let’s Move Together

Date & Time: Class will meet every Thursday at 6pm EST starting October 5th through December 7th 2023.

Follow the link and scroll to the bottom of the page for the workshop sign up. Use Promo code earlybirdhy23 for $50 off now up until Labor Day 9/4/23.