Breathwork is an active meditation that involves a 3-part breathing pattern. This form of meditation promotes self-healing by moving stuck energy and emotions in order to connect your body and your heart.

The 1-on-1 breathwork session will start with a brief intuitive guidance and intention re-set to address any specific concerns or emotions you are feeling that day. This can include i.e. anxiety, grief, fear, heartbreak, career/life stress and be a complement to chronic pain. Then you will actively breathe for 20-30 minutes to a curated playlist. I will hold space for you and provide guidance and support with essential oils. You may feel tingling sensation, changes in body temperature, and restlessness at different points of the session which are all signs of shifting energy. You will rest for 10-15 minutes to allow the body to feel the effects of the practice for a deep “savasana.” Afterwards, we will check in and reflect upon your experience. You will be given some guidance and tools to work through on your own.

After breathwork you should feel more clarity, and peace and feel more connected to yourself and your surroundings!

Breathwork is open to everyone and we highly recommend it for those who are working through pain, fear, trauma, and limiting beliefs. If this is your first time meditating, we recommend starting out with our guided meditation session first before moving onto breathwork.