physical therapy

Suzy Dunican. – Huntington, NY

I have been coming to PhysioElements for over a year and I never could have imagine how much I would learn about my body. I have been a patient with Dr. Nara Yoon and Dr. Kat Castro and both teach me something new about my body every single time we work together. It’s like I’m given a key to unlock a new muscle, each session is specifically tailored to my body’s needs. I am amazed at how the smallest adjustment yields great results and progress in how my body feels and moves. I also started taking the pilates group classes- and again each week I learn how to awaken and move a new muscle in my body. This new strength and flexibility translates into all areas of my life- I have gotten deeper into my yoga poses, better posture while sitting and driving, I am more mindful when I carry and lift my children. I can’t say enough good things – they are smart and kind women and I am so grateful that I found them and continue to strengthen and challenge my body.

R Brown – Long Beach, NY

I am so happy I chose to work with Nara. Her knowledge, expertise, and compassion make her an ideal physical therapist. Nara doesn’t simply treat symptoms; she attacks the root of the problem. Her kindness, superior skill and accessibility make her a rare find.

Erica Harris – Middle Village, NY

Thank you! Thank you so much for everything you did to help my ankle recover! You are sweet and patient and the best physical therapist I’ve worked with! On Thanksgiving morning, in 25 degrees weather, I was able to run in a 5K Turkey Trot. I finished in my best time yet and I couldn’t have done it without you!

Judith Khaja – Brooklyn, NY

I am a senior citizen who underwent double hip replacements about a year apart, and both times, I was under the care of Nara Yoon, for physical therapy which lasted for several weeks. Both my surgeon and my PCP were totally satisfied with Nara’s care for me. She is a very dedicated, extremely knowledgeable person, and a great asset to her chosen profession. I am very pleased to recommend Nara Yoon to you.”

Valerie Torres – Brooklyn, NY

There aren’t enough words to describe how blessed I am to have found Physical Therapist, Nara Yoon, but perhaps, I can communicate in some small way the benefit I have found in being a client. On August 2012, there was a fire in my house and I had to jump out of the second floor window. As a result, I needed to have several surgeries, which included my spinal area and elbow. Even though my back was severely injured, my focus was my elbow, which was left after surgery in an awkward and non functional angle. I couldn’t extend my arm or flex it, leaving me incapacitated when it came to even the simplest household chores as it was my right hand and arm that were affected. Even personal care and hygiene was difficult, leaving me feeling helpless and discouraged. So, it was in this condition that I first met Nara. I found her to be not only skillful and knowledgeable, but kind and compassionate. She showed great patience each time we had a session, and encouraged me to try just a little harder, until I was ultimately successful. I will never forget the moment when I was finally able to touch my face and the joy I felt at the prospect of again becoming more independent. As a busy mom, I literally had no time for being incapacitated and so Nara, in way, helped me to regain my not only my independence but my role as a caregiver. So it is with wholehearted enthusiasm that I recommend Nara as a Physical Therapist. I think that anyone would be fortunate to have her working with them.

Gloria Lovett – Fresh Meadows, NY

I have severe scoliosis and suffer from a horrible pain on my left side due to this condition. I have been going to PhysioElements for over two months now. I have never been so dedicated to improving myself and getting stronger and this is all due to Nara Yoon. The space where I do my physical therapy is so peaceful, clean and a very Zen feeling. She has a beautiful aura about her, very professional, and is an expert in her field. Her office staff is as lovely as she is. I have a long road ahead of me but I know with her dedication and her dedicated staff, that I am on the road to recovery . I highly recommend PhysioElements to anyone who has to heal themselves. You will be getting an excellent experience.

Phil Ernst – Forest Hills, NY

Unfortunately I’ve had several injuries over the past couple of years that have required the services of a Physical Therapist – but thankfully I’ve had Nara Yoon to turn to for my rehabs. Nara was caring, attentive, and dedicated to getting me all the way back from my injuries. She took her time in explaining her plan for doing the rehab work, paid attention to my needs, concerns, and progress, and provided visual aids to assist me in doing needed exercises at home to augment the work we did together. Although I can’t say I’m looking forward to any future muscle pulls or injury I might have, I do feel good knowing I have Nara in my corner in case I do!

Emad Khaja – Brooklyn, NY

I, Emad Khaja, a retired architect had ended up with a fractured ankle, when I fell on the street while I was climbing out of my daughter’s Honda passenger seat. After I visited my Primary Care Physician, I was advised to under Physical Therapy. This is when I discovered Nara Yoon. First she asked me to describe what happened and how and when it happened, and if I got a prescription from my PCP. She hears directly from the patient, and asks questions to formulate a therapy course for the patient, for the duration the PCP prescribes. Nara is not only knowledgeable about body parts and their functions; she is very professional, trust worthy and very pleasant. She helped repair my ankle, and I can’t thank her enough. I take great pleasure in introducing, and highly recommending Nara to you.


J.W – NY

Very challenging workout. Nara is so thoughtful and was able to be attentive during the workout to something I needed to adjust. Her explanations of each exercise were very clear. Thanks!!

L.F – NY

Nara is so helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks for all you do for us.

G.P – NY

Amazing. Great experience. Clearly a very experienced instructor. Outstanding cueing, progressive, and challenging programming, targeted exercises. Felt amazing after class!

S.K – NY

Excellent teacher. Great personality, very encouraging!

C.M – NY

The best class! Very informative and thorough…not to mention a great workout! Can’t wait until the next class!

L.M – NY

Great class. I definitely felt the burn!

S.K – NY

Sam provides excellent demonstration and explanations of exercises. Great and exhilarating class!

X.T – NY

That was great! So happy to be exercising again and Samantha really tailored the class to all of us being in different places with limited equipment. Thank you! 🙂

H.K – NJ

It was a great workout that pushed me to my limit. Dr. B was very mindful and did an awesome job in virtual teaching. Felt great afterwards and got a good night sleep. Thank you!

S.K – NY

Nara – Sheer perfection.

B.J – NY

Amazing class, Sam! Really felt the core and the glutes working and your cues were so helpful.

J.J – NY

Sam was great. I loved the class!

D.R – NY

Awesome and fun class. Thanks for an amazing workout!

S.K – NY

Dr. Nara is very knowledgeable, organized, patient and professional. Conversed with participants regarding their following the activity. Excellent session!


M.M – NY

The class exceeded my expectations in every way and I truly felt the benefits of this practice. It is providing me with a life changing tool for processing emotion, and managing stress. I feel these classes are allowing me to open the door to new way of looking at life that have been truly transformative. Thank you.

D.D – NY

Thanks so much for creating space!! It was fantastic.

A.J – NY

Kat is very thoughtful.

L.F – NY

Kat is terrific in both meditation and pilates. Highly recommend!

M.C – NY

Outstanding session. Dr. Kat is wonderful and did a wonderful job in leading us through a quick meditation.

S.N – CT

Dr. Kat is amazing at everything! I felt very relaxed after the session.

S.K – NY

Very relaxing session. She had a soft and a sweet voice.

M.T – CT

Very soothing and welcoming!

L.F – NY

It was perfect! Thanks for doing this …keeping us all connected and feeling good!

M.T – CT

Very soothing and welcoming!!