catered to meet your needs and individualized goals

If you never participated in a pilates equipment class, this is a perfect opportunity to receive a one on one postural screening and a sample session and find out what pilates is all about.

signature discovery session

You already know that Pilates can provide you with flat abs, but there are plenty of other benefits from this safe and effective workout. Learn more about what these benefits are.

  • Allow you to maximize your potential while minimizing your risk of injury
  • Assess whether you use your body efficiently and if you are at risk for injuries (even if you don’t experience pain or stiffness)
  • Take postural pictures along with your postural and movement assessment done by a Doctor of physical therapy
  • Give you a sample Pilates session
  • Provide you with a detailed analysis of your body design and how we can help


  • Private sessions-catered to meet your needs and individual goals
  • Updated postural pictures and postural/movement assessments after every 10 sessions
  • Continued one-on-one focus on your program at your pace