what makes us unique?

Are you getting the one on one attention that you deserve?
Have you had physical therapy for multiple weeks without improvement?
Have you finished your physical therapy program and feel stuck?
Should you join a gym or return to your regular routine?

At PhysioElements Physical Therapy, we care about your individual goals and your ability to perform the life activities and tasks that are meaningful to you. We believe that in order to achieve optimal fluidity and balance in movements, all systems (neural, myofascial, visceral, articular) must function in harmony. We assess the whole body by using the Integrated Systems Model approach in order to determine the specific driver(s) that is preventing you from experiencing better movements. A multimodal treatment plan is then designed, unique to each person and their particular challenges. We educate each client so that they are an active partner with the clinician in addressing their meaningful activities and tasks and achieving their personal goals. Each client is treated in one-on-one, 55 minute sessions personally by doctors of physical therapy. The clinicians at PhysioElements Physical Therapy have extensive training in various specialities and modalities, allowing us to treat a wide array of conditions. We are fully committed to keeping abreast of the ever-changing landscape of physical therapy and wellness in order to implement the most current, cutting edge, evidence-based techniques in each treatment session.