Private, Duet, and Group Pilates Sessions

In 10 sessions, you will feel the difference. In 20 sessions, you will see the difference. In 30 sessions, you will have a new body.
— Joseph Pilates

Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates during World War I in order to rehabilitate injured soldiers returning from the war.  Pilates exercises are designed to use a whole body approach to increase muscle strength and flexibility, improve general body conditioning, and optimize overall health using a mind-body connection.  The core principles of Pilates are awareness, balance, control, efficiency, precision, breathing, concentration, center, flow and harmony.  

At PhysioElements, we offer Private, Semi-Private and Group Pilates sessions that include apparatus and mat work.  Our knowledgeable and highly trained instructors ensure proper modification to meet the individual specific needs of our clients.  The instructors also work closely and in consultation with our physical therapists to optimize and provide the highest, personalized level of care.  Whatever your goal may be, we are here to help you meet it!

Core Principles of Pilates:

Benefits of Pilates: 

  • Promotes mind body connections that is required to move more fluidly.

  • Develop a strong “core” which is the center of the body.

  • Increase in flexibility and longer, leaner muscles.

  • Well balanced exercise that addresses the whole body.

  • Increase awareness of where body is in space

  • Assists in prevention of injuries

  • Challenging exercises done in safer and gentler way

  • Increased proper breathing technique

  • Improves posture and proper body alignment

  • Improves proper movement sequence

  • Facilitates reduction of stress and promotes relaxation

  • Improves your sports performance

  • Improves your concentration

Private and Semi-Private Pilates Sessions

Catered to meet your needs and individualized goals

If you never participated in a pilates equipment class, this is a perfect opportunity to receive a one on one postural screening and a sample session and find out what pilates is all about. 

Signature Discovery session:

•    Allow you to maximize your potential while minimizing your risk of injury
•    Assess whether you use your body efficiently and if you are at risk for injuries (even if you don’t experience pain or stiffness)
•    Take postural pictures along with your postural and movement assessment done by a licensed physical therapist
•    Give you a sample Pilates session
•    Provide you with a detailed analysis of your body design and how we can help

Then what? 

•    Private sessions—catered to meet your needs and individual goals  
•    Updated postural pictures and postural/movement assessments after every 10 sessions
•    Continued one-on-one focus on your program at your pace

Group Pilates Classes

Challenging and dynamic Group Pilates Classes designed to restore and strengthen

Our Group Pilates Classes help challenge the body in a safe and effective way. With small class sizes and a machine that reinforces proper breathing techniques and good alignment, you'll feel safe working out. Instructors undergo rigorous training through education and practical hours, so you know you're being looked after by a true professional. 

Class Descriptions

Pilates Essentials

For beginners, anyone with physical limitations or injuries, a year or less of experience in Pilates Apparatus, experience with only Mat Pilates. 
Learn the essentials of Pilates and the core foundations with a major focus on proper breathing and proper alignment. In addition, get to know the machines and become acquainted with the equipment you may use for more advanced classes.

Pilates Intermediate

For intermediate or advanced Pilates students who have practiced with Pilates Apparatus Equipment consistently for more than a year.
Challenge your body while maintaining the foundational Pilates principles in our Pilates Intermediate classes. Students who are familiar with both equipment and Pilates essentials are welcome to this high-level class that combines functional and dynamic movement with challenging choreography.

Pilates Open Level

For beginners without physical limitations, or more seasoned students.
In our open level class, the instructor will assess physical capabilities and limitations at the start to build a class that is custom to the attendees. Students can expect a wide variety of movements with several variations based on multiple levels. Please only attend class if you have knowledge of the machines - this class is not ideal for your first class at the studio.


Benefits of Group Pilates Classes

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A Mind-Body Workout

By emphasizing proper breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment, and concentration on smooth, flowing movement, Pilates provides a full mind-body workout. Focus is essential.

Pilates starts with the breath. Learn more about the specific different kinds of breathing and how to differentiate between them.

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A Foundation To Build On

Spinal health and your body in general will thank you if you maintain proper posture while sitting down or standing up. Pilates classes reinforce proper posture while strengthening and lengthening muscles for a long, lean look.

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Safe and Effective

Pilates exercises train several muscle groups at once in smooth, continuous movements. By developing proper technique throughout group classes, you can re-train your body to move in safer and more efficient patterns of motion.

You already know that Pilates can provide you with flat abs, but there are plenty of other benefits from this safe and effective workout. Learn more about what these benefits are.